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Hi, Sarah from Team One here and I thought I’d share with you something that we’ve recently had a lot of interest in, in a lot of our programmes.  We’ve been talking to quite a few leaders around the countryside about values and I’m sure many of you have explored your own values.  If you haven’t, now’s a really great time to do that.  I thought I’d show you something that we use a lot to link up values and really give some level of importance as to why values are so incredibly important in our lives and in our business.

Here’s my little Matrix;

living with purpose pic

Now that’s the way the arrows should flow, downwards, from values through to what I do each day.  But what we’ve found at Team One is that a lot of people work the other way around. What I do each day they hope aligns to a strategy and they hope that might line up to some kind of goal, hopefully, that will link into a vision, if they have one and hopefully that will line up with their values  – if they’ve thought about what their values are.

If you find yourself looking at this video thinking, I’m one of these people who are down here, looking up towards my values, here’s how you can correct it.

Sit and have a think about your values, have a look online, there are heaps of great resources online to look at your values and pick maybe your top 10.  From there think about this question “What does a beautiful future look like for me?”  Then think about what you’d like to have in your future, create a goal, just one, that’s all I’m asking for right now and then from there line up a strategy.  How am I going to achieve this goal?

Remember, goals are just simply stepping stones towards that vision and then from here, look at our strategy.  What is it that we need to do each day in order to line that up?  We call this Living with Purpose if you live from this end of the page down to this end of the page you are Living with Purpose.  Hope you’ve enjoyed that.

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