Power of Perspectives© – Lenses

Everybody is able to identify external “constraints” that hinder their success.

Our work and personal situations are always interpreted through the “Lenses” we wear over our perceptions.These are affected by our upbringing, our culture, gender issues, positive or negative experiences we have had, previous work experiences and many others. Life experiences cause our lenses to become scratched and our perceptions to be damaged.

Prejudice, defensiveness, negativity, poor interpersonal skills and emotional problems can all be linked to “Lens Scratches” affecting staff performance and morale.


  • Identify misbeliefs that are affecting them at work and at home
  • Replace these beliefs with more helpful thought patterns
  • Develop methods for applying this to the work setting
  • Examine “Scratches” that relate to their workplace, their clients and their home lives.
  • Develop positive world views