Life Achievement Matrix© – Aspiring to Peak Performance

No matter how much talent each person has, most of us tend to plateau around a certain level of performance. This level varies according to the level of talent, but it still creates a glass ceiling that even top achievers struggle to rise above.

This powerful seminar has been used by top achievers and athletes up to the All-Black level as a part of determining what the glass ceiling is, and how to push through it to new levels of achievement.

This seminar is powerful for breaking through both individual and/or collective organizational glass ceilings.


  • Understand why it is that they have plateaued (or are in danger of doing so)
  • Design the level of achievement they want to aspire to
  • Determine the mix of the four aspects of life that set their ceiling.
  • Create strategies to break through this mix to higher levels of achievement
  • Maintain long term insights and motivation to keep growing