Ambassadors at Work

Transform your leadership team and they will transform the organizational culture

Does it seem crazy to you that well intentioned ambitious individuals working in a company so often operate from conflict, not cooperation? Have you ever noticed how many well intentioned people leave the organizations they work with after debilitating office politics? No-one starts a job deciding they will do what they can to make other people’s lives a misery – so how does it happen? And have you any idea of the lost productivity and extra costs of staff turnover caused by unhappy internal business relationships? In this powerful one-day leadership consultation, your entire leadership team will learn the power we can bring into organizations if we truly start acting like an ambassador for the organization we work with – both internally and externally.

We can turn our organizations around if we do four things.

1. Understand the power of being an ambassador
2. Identify opportunities in which we can move towards an ambassadorial role
3. Build specific skills by which to be an ambassador
4. Become an Advocate for those who have let the side down and need a friend


  • Enjoy better quality of work relationships
  • Become a more coherent and respected leadership team
  • Fin a way more fulfilling way to live and work
  • Elicit more productivity from a cooperative workforce
  • Grow staff morale, reduce staff turnover and become an enviable place to work.