Tuckman’s Stage of Team Building

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Hey, it’s Sarah from Team One and today I’m here, right in front of a building site because I want to talk to you about Team Building and actually I want to talk to you about Tuckman’s.

Tuckman’s is a model that’s been around for a really long time and it is a model that a lot of a people will know.  It’s the forming, storming, norming, performing model.  I know a lot of you know it but here’s the analogy.

If we think about this building behind us, that’s going on, we know here at the very foundation of it, is the forming stage.  They’re forming the building, so they’re digging in deep roots, they’re putting down foundations and then, they move into the storming stage.  That’s when the building starts to grow up a little bit and it starts to perhaps, press in on its environment and there may be a little bit of restraint and constriction that goes on in relation to that.

Then the moment that we get past that, we get into this norming stage.  In a building situation, we’re probably looking at something like when they start to cover in the building and we start to see that, hey, it’s taking shape and it’s taking real form.  We understand what the building is and we understand what the shape of it is going to be.  What the size of it is going to be and how it’s going to sit in relation to its environment.  Then once that’s happened then all the nice little beautiful pieces go onto the house, in this building stage and that’s when we get to the high-performing analogy of a team.  So that’s when not only are we performing but actually we’re getting to a really high level of performing.

Now for some of us, and some teams that we work with they don’t actually get to that stage.  But they do get to forming and they usually get through storming if they’re lucky.  We do know some teams who haven’t.  They certainly get to norming.

So our challenge to you is how are you going to progress yourself as quickly as you possibly can, through forming to norming and even get yourself onto high performing?

Hope that’s helpful for you today.

Ka Kite.