Personality Psychometric Assessments and how to maximize their value

Entertaining and helpful insight into why we are the way we are and how others function.
Starting with an online individual assessment, each participant is given a 12-page summary that outlines their personality style, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and a strategy for turning those strengths into weaknesses.

But we don’t just leave you there with the information. This is followed up by a powerful one-day workshop that can also be used for team building and improving staff relationships.

This programme will make a revolutionary difference in building tolerance, effectiveness with major implications for personal and professional relationships and customer service.


  • Clarify their own personality style and maximize their strengths
  • Understand how work with the personalities of others
  • Motivate others through understanding their personalities
  • Build powerfully functioning work teams by balancing different personalities
  • Greatly improve internal and external customer service