Believe in what you sell

“The greatest sale you will ever make is the sale to yourself. ” One of the most fundamental problems we encounter in conversations with sales people at many levels is that deep down inside, they do not really believe in what they are selling or who they are selling for.

There is often an unspoken assumption behind this that being proactive is being pushy because selling is seen as pushy. Sales managers often have real difficulty hearing this or understanding it because it is so different from the way in which they view their function.

In this much needed seminar, participants learn to be proud of who they are and who they represent so they can truly see proactive selling as a natural conversation.


  • Identify their own sales objections and deal with them
  • Learn to be proud of their products and services
  • Match their products and services naturally to clients needs
  • Develop specific skills to sell naturally
  • Enjoy the selling process and its successful outcomes